Ensure Your Smile Lasts Beyond Treatment

To ensure that your smile endures following orthodontic treatment in Nashville, TN, retainers are a crucial component of the process. After your braces are taken off, they assist in maintaining your teeth’s proper alignment and should be worn as directed by your orthodontist. The following are some frequent causes for needing to wear a retainer:

  • To keep your teeth in their new position after braces have been removed.
  • To prevent shifting or relapse after treatment is complete, particularly in cases where there is a significant amount of movement during treatment.
  • To address minor alignment issues that may have developed during treatment or due to poor oral hygiene habits, such as bruxism or grinding and clenching of the teeth.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and have questions about retainers or other aspects of your care, our team can help. We can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts well beyond your orthodontic care.

Essix Retainers

Essix retainers are versatile appliances that are an effective way to protect your teeth and improve your smile. Made from a clear plastic material, they fit snugly over the teeth and are made to be worn full-time and then at night while you sleep. Thanks to their customized design, they provide gentle but firm pressure on all teeth in your mouth, helping to maintain their alignment and achieve a more symmetrical, perfectly aligned appearance.

Lingual Bonded Retainers

Lingual bonded retainers are a type of permanent retainer attached to the teeth’s inner surface. These retainers consist of a wire bar bonded to the teeth with a special resin. Because they are entirely hidden inside the mouth, lingual bonded retainers offer a discreet solution for those seeking long-term retention. Plus, because they do not require any adjustments or removal, these retainers are popular among patients who want reliable retention without having to visit our office on an ongoing basis.

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are a common appliance that keeps teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. These retainers consist of a thin wire or bracket securely attached to the top and bottom teeth using mechanical clips or bonding materials. Hawley retainers are designed to be worn at all times except when eating or brushing your teeth. Because they are usually made out of wire, Hawley retainers may naturally trap plaque and bacteria within their tiny crevices, making it especially important to brush and floss regularly when wearing one. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid biting down on hard objects such as pens or pencils while you have your retainer in, as this can damage the wires and cause them to break.