First Steps

You have taken the first step to elevating yourself by showing up today, so clearly, today is a great day to make a very important, positive change in your life! We will show you all the treatment options, and you can choose which one you feel is the best fit.

If Invisalign or InBrace is your treatment choice, you are done for now; Dr. Brice will work very hard behind the scenes to ensure you have a fully customized and individualized treatment. You will come back in a couple of weeks to begin your active phase of treatment!

If you chose one of the other options, whether traditional metal, ceramic (tooth-colored), or champagne-colored brackets, we will start the active phase of treatment at this first visit!

You will officially be on your way to an elevated smile!

Active Phase

Starting the active phase of treatment typically takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. Our office has an open bay design to help minimize the time that you’re in the chair; it helps us de-clutter, as everything is easily accessible, and it also promotes contagious smiles, because, like Zac Efron sings, “we’re all in this together,” right? But don’t worry, if you’re shy, or just want things a little more private, we offer private rooms because this experience is all about YOU!

So now, treatment has started, and it’s important to address the question everyone has, “how will they feel?” …my answer: “different!” LOL! Our mouths have the ability to detect the smallest changes, so the first couple of hours will be the most unique. Over the first 3 days, you will experience a sensation similar to the feeling you get after you have worked out for the first time in a while. You know that feeling of, “oh yeah, this is progress” (maybe followed by “why the heck am I doing this?!”). Remember, just like the progression of your body when you commit to working out, it’s a process, and the end result will be amazing! The first couple of days will be the most intense, so we suggest you try to stay in your normal eating and social routine, as much as possible, to help you acclimate quickly.

You are well on your way to elevating your smile. Every ~4 to 8 weeks you will stop by the office for an adjustment appointment; this is typically less than 30 minutes. We want to ensure everything is moving according to plan and that we are successfully on our way to achieving your end goal! This is also a great time to talk about your experience, ask any questions you may have, and just feel loved and supported through this journey.