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Elevation Movie Night

Request Your Free Exam and Get $1000 Off and Free Take Home Whitening Movie night LIMITED TIME OFFER Request a Free Exam Hope you enjoy the movie! For a limited time we are offering $1,000 off and free take home whitening. Complete the form below to request your free exam today! Visit East Nashville 9 […]

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Payment Calculator

Adulting Sucks. Straight Teeth Don’t. Get Started Discover the cost of treatment, your estimated monthly payments, and more! Complete this form to gain access to our FREE Online Payment Calculator*. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.First Name *Last Name *Email *Phone *Which One Best Describes Your Situation? *I'm A Parent Looking

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Payment Calculation

Adulting Sucks. Straight Teeth Don’t. Calculate Estimated Monthly Payment or Total Cost *Please note, this calculator is provided only as a simple tool to estimate what your payments could be. The final cost of treatment and payment terms are dependent on case complexity and determined on an individual basis, and will be confirmed prior to

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Virtual Consult

Adulting Sucks. Straight Teeth Don’t. We’ve made getting started easier than ever. Your best smile is waiting for you! Receive a virtual consult right now in the comfort of your home. Once your assessment is completed, you will receive a clear treatment plan from a doctor and have a clear path towards your new smile.

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What We Do

Adulting Sucks. Straight Teeth Don’t. What We Do Our treatments Life today has become less about personal interactions, individualized care, and community, and more about online communication, instant gratification, and corporatization. We believe there is a need, and are striving to bring back those personal, individualized treatments from a local team you know and can

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Free Exam

Adulting Sucks. Straight Teeth Don’t. Get Started Simply click the button below to schedule a free exam on a day and time that works best for you. Please note this is for requesting an in-office appointment only. You may request a virtual consult here. If you need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment, or

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